Level: Flora Beast 9

Spell Resistance: no

Tossing two flowers at your foe, you pin them to the sky before generating a massive thorny drill with which you use to pierce the heavens, leaving them to explode in a fiery blast. As a standard action, Make an attack on your opponent's Grapple CMD. If this hits, the enemy is considered flat footed and loses their dexterity bonus to their armor class (Even if they possess uncanny dodge). Creatures of four levels lower or any level higher however still retain their bonus. Make a single charge attack against your enemy. If this attack hits you deal critical damage and the creature must succeed in a DC:19+Dexterity modifier fortitude saving throw or take an additional 2d6 damage per level (Max 40d6). Creatures that succeed take 10d6+1 per level (Max +20) instead. A creature that fails the saving throw is also stunned for one round.

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