Level: Mystic Beast 9

Spell Resistance: no

Howling out to the night, you summon an army of mystic beasts, These beasts merge forms with you taking the shape of an absolutely massive amalgamation of wolf and swarm, allowing you to deal massive damage. As a standard action, Your size becomes Gargantuan, your height quadruples, and your weight increases by a factor of thirty two. You gain a +8 size bonus to Constitution, The size modifier for AC, attacks, CMB, and CMD changes as appropriate for your new size category. You also gain the swarm subtype and deal your normal damage as well as 1d6 swarm damage for every 4 levels you possess when you share the same square as an enemy. Creatures that begin their turn within your squares must make a fortitude save DC: 19+Dexterity modifier or be nauseated for one round. While in this form you are immune to critical hits and precision damage such as sneak attack.

Once per round as a full round action, you can attempt to make a grapple check against an opponent, if successful, you deal critical damage as well as your swarm damage. This lasts for 1 round per level.

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