Level: Aqua Demon 8

Spell Resistance: yes

Summoning the gods of groove, you materialize a great cloud of thunder, lightning, and sheer funk above the opponent as 3 of the legendary dancing disco Aqua demons do their thing on the dance floor above. As a standard action, Creatures within a 30 foot burst placed anywhere within 100 feet are effected. This attack deals 1d6+1 electricity damage per level (Maximum 20d6+20 at level 20). A successful saving throw DC: 18+ Constitution modifier. is required for ½ damage and a fortitude save of the same DC is required or you become paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. In addition, the creature in the center of the burst takes an automatic amount of damage equal to the Aqua demon’s natural attack as one of the masters of groove falls on top of them.

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