Level Hundred Knight 9

Spell Resistance: yes

As a standard action, you summon a massive purple obelisk like contraption that rotates and releases bursts of steam as it works. This tower possesses DR 15/- and takes 1/2 damage from energy sources, it also possesses 20 hitpoints per level. Every round it fires three energy shots at any creature within 150 feet. These energy shots deal 5d6+5 damage each. Every attack is a ranged touch attack that uses your bonus to hit and possesses a +4 bonus of it's own against creatures within 30 feet. This tower is large sized and possesses a natural armor bonus to armor class equal to your strength modifier, but otherwise uses your armor class (But does not benefit from your dexterity modifier). This lasts for 1 round per level and two can be active at a time, unless a Tochka type 42: Protem is active in which only one can be active.

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