Level: Shinigami 9

Spell Resistance: yes

Tearing a rift in time and space you open the gate to the realm of Shinigami and lost souls, Casting the foes into the void they are devoured by the souls of the departed. Creatures in the line of effect must make a fortitude save or be winked out of existence for a brief moment. As a standard action, The save is a DC: 19+ Charisma modifier, and you take a -2 penalty for every step away from the Shinigami’s own alignment you are. (Evil creatures take at least a -2 regardless). Creatures who fail this save are thrust into the dark realm and take double damage as well as 1d6 damage per level (max 20d6), and even creatures who make their save take half damage. Creatures thrust into the void are consumed by the souls, and take 2 damage to each of their physical ability scores. Creatures also take 1d8 hit point damage for every step away from the Shinigami’s alignment they are (Once again evil creatures take at least 1d8) and every creature effected by this is stuck within the void for 1 round, re-emerging at the end of the Shinigami’s next turn. Once the creatures emerge, they must make a will save of the same DC or be shaken for 1d6 rounds and suffer from a negative level for 1 minute. If the creature was already shaken when effected by this technique, it instead takes 1d6 negative levels. If the creature is normally immune to negative levels it takes a -4 penalty to it's saving throws for the remainder of the encounter.

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